Finland’s highly popular metal mongers Machine Men called it quits in 2011 after 13 years. The split left many wondering what would follow. At the end of 2012 things started to come together and a new band was born out of the ashes of Machine Men; Psychework, featuring vocalist Antony Parviainen and guitarist J-V Hintikka.

Psychework is not your regular fast food metal. Psychework is thinking man’s metal in every sense of the concept. However introverted, their lyrics are insightful and give food for thought for the listener too. To perfectly compliment the lyrics, the band has found its personal style and the musical niche to represent the stories. Nothing short of exceptional, Psychework caters to us melodically strong, dark and progressive heavy metal with impressive orchestrations and an undeniable flair for the dramatic. Treading similar landscapes with the greats like Kamelot and Evergrey, Psychework have taken their time to build a collection of songs that will no doubt leave an impression.

Not only have the band received top scores in album reviews, reports from the live shows have praised their intensive performances. Parviainen is truly a world-class vocalist with an exceptional voice, carrying you through the variety of emotions encased in their songs. Yet in the end, it is the six guys that work perfectly as a band called Psychework, giving the audience some of the best shows the metal world has experienced!

Arto Ala-Seppälä
+358 50 356 2649
Kari Penttinen
Minna Rahkola
+358 50 472 9012