Finnish heavy metal sextet BATTLE BEAST will finally hit the stage and play a worldwide live stream gig on 27th June 2020. The full-length show will be streamed live from the legendary House Of Culture in Helsinki, Finland. During the past 60 years the venue has hosted bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Queen and the list goes on. 

Battle Beast has had to cancel their spring tour and dozens of major European festival shows due to COVID-19. This worldwide live stream gig will finally end the wait for metalheads around the world, as the band promises to offer a show filled with the live energy, catchy melodies and weird humor that we’ve learned to love Battle Beast for. Tickets are 9,90€ and include access to the show for 7 days. A Fan Ticket (15,90€) includes an exclusive meet & greet chat session with the band after the show.  

The show will be hosted by stand up comedian Ali Jahangiri.

Battle Beast vocalist Noora Louhimo comments:

  • We’ve been looking forward to this gig for a long time and finally we’ll be able to give all our fans around the world an adrenaline filled night with Battle Beast! We wish we could see you all on tour, but we can’t help the circumstances. The best we can do is to give people an unforgettable online gig experience right in their living rooms. So join us – and raise your fist into the sky!