Finnish heavy melodic death metal unit WOLFHEART are back with their most commanding offering yet. The four-piece Nordic machine returns with their highly-anticipated new full-length masterpiece, Wolves Of Karelia, set for release on April 10, 2020 via Napalm Records. The album is available to pre-order beginning today, HERE.

Just as wildlife itself maintains harmony with a violent clash of beauty and unpredictability, Wolves of Karelia explores the band’s previously coined genre of “winter metal” – smoothly bridging a traditional approach of extreme genres with tracks like the breakneck epic “Reaper”, while maintaining atmospheric and acoustic elements on songs such as the bludgeoning wall-of-sound “The Hammer” and grandiose “Horizon on Fire”. Crowned by the deeply stunning instrumental interlude “Eye of the Storm”Wolves of Karelia could easily go down in metal history as WOLFHEART’s most intense record.

In celebration of the announcement of Wolves Of KareliaWOLFHEART has shared a new video for their colossal new single, “Ashes”. Watch the video and get a first taste of Wolves Of Karelia.

The band only plays two shows in Finland this spring: 2 May as WsArena Vaasa and 9 May at On the Rocks Helsinki.

Wolfheart @ WsArena, Vaasa, 2.5.2020:
Tickets 16/20€:

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