Erkka Korhonen starts a crowdfunding campaign to support his 8-year-old niece

  • Korhonen releases first solo song “The Wall” in memory of his late brother Mike
  • Directs all campaign profits to support his niece Minea

17th February 2021 was a day Erkka Korhonen will never forget. The past year had already been full of hardship caused by COVID-19. The musician, best known for Raskasta Joulua, Northern Kings and Dark Sarah, had the cornerstone of his livelihood taken away from him as touring came to a halt. Yet nothing compares to the devastating blow of losing his older brother. Mirko “Mike” Korhonen died of a cardiac arrest caused by an asthma seizure at the age of 47.

Erkka’s main concern now is his 8-year-old niece Minea, whose mother can’t alone enable her daughter to start a hobby. A hobby like dance lessons or Taekwondo, which Minea has expressed interest in, could bring routines and safety to a young girl’s life. 

The musician wanted to help and that’s when he came up with an idea.

Today Erkka Korhonen initiated a crowdfunding campaign to support 8-year-old Minea in starting a new hobby. The perk for the supporters of the campaign is Erkka’s version of “The Wall”, a song originally released by Kansas. The track featuring Erkka Korhonen (guitars, bass, drum programming, production) and friend Mikko Jokinen (vocals) comes in digital high-resolution .wav and good quality mp3. The perk also includes access to an exclusive music video. The story behind choosing “The Wall” came from his late brother:

“I heard soon after Mike’s death that his wish had been to have that song played at his funeral. Naturally, I decided to fulfill his wish, and I made it more personal by producing the version played at the funeral myself. That was the only option for me in the end” says Erkka Korhonen.

The crowdfunding campaign started on Friday 28th May 2021. The campaign is open for everyone at: